August 5, 2014

August 4, 2014


+ Basics
  • Name: Avery James “Aj” Gallagher | Hometown: San Diego, California | Age: 22 | Sexual Orientation: Straight | Traits: Charismatic, Good sense of humor, Hot-Headed, Irresistible, Inappropriate.
+ Background
  • Blonde hair, blue eyes and California born and raised, Avery is basically the poster boy for the west coast. As a child, he never went without anything he wanted and had too much of what he needed; this is why he’s always in search for adventure. It’s something no one can give him. He’s always doing things on a whim; like auditioning for big brother? He did that for shits and gigs. He’s fearless in most senses and has no filter. You fucking up? He’ll let you know. Maybe he likes your face? He’ll let you know that too. He’s either endlessly amusing or extremely offensive. If you’re not too sensitive, you’ll probably learn to love him; after all he’s a pretty good time. At 23, Avery’s working his way through university while bar-tending, but hoping this opportunity opens the doors to some more exciting things.
Submission for Simsbasically’s Big Brother challenge. Take care of my bby.

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August 3, 2014

August 2, 2014

i miss the sims 2 rn. im still figuring this shit out :/

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fuck i forgot how much the sims 3 has and how its so different from 2. i am way behind on this shit. theres so much to worry about

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oopsies i missed this funny-faced lil bebe

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okay guys im gonna install a buttton of CC and get started on trying to learn how to play again. this is so different from the sims 2. wish me luck.

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Semxy overalls by shmoopiesims & and a new hair wip ^.^


Semxy overalls by shmoopiesims & and a new hair wip ^.^

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when my sims sleep in the wrong bed

no you little dumbass I made your bedroom to specifically represent your personality why do you insist on sleeping there stop it at once young man you are a disappointment to this household

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the fastest word i can type is motherlode

almost 70,000 people get this joke like is a fandom thing or can you all must type motherlode really fast what is going on


i dont get it

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Ami Mizuno - Sailor Mercury

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guys i dont remember how do to anything omg help

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did you mother fucking miss me

guess whos got sims 3 installed and a computer to run it. this bitch

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